Build your own stilts

Build easily your own stilts ! Here’s a tutorial to build a pair of wooden peg stilts for children or adults.


Build it yourself using this tutorial or come visit the workshops we organize to build stilts, to train stilt walking and to have much fun.

Stilts and tutorial (text + photos) are under Creative Commons license BY-NC-SA.
Commercial use forbidden.

The following webpages will show you how to build a pair of wooden peg stilts attached to the calves. The goal is that those stilts can be :

  • simple to build
  • with not much and cheap material but strong enough (because we’re gonna walk on it)
  • with the stilt axis under the foot for best maniability (really under te foot not just a little gap)

Before beginning, I’d like to tribute the former website

For a long time ago, his gone website has been the only french website to give a simple and nice tutorial to build wooden peg stilts.

This was my primary inspiration source to build my two first pairs of stilts before designing my own plans.

Ready to tinker ? Let’s go now to the first step of our tutorial.