boulon echasse en bois

Step #2 Assembly of the stilt’s leg

We can now begin the manufacture of the stilt’s leg. We will also prepare other pieces for the following assembly.

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Cut the cleat at right angles into four pieces :

  • Two lengths of 50cm (60cm for a large teenager or adult) that will support the calves.
  • Two lengths of 40-50-60cm (optional) that will be the stilt’s leg.

The leg’s length depends on your motivation and your level of practice :

  • For children under 8 : 40cm will be enough to discover the work balance.
  • For older children, teenagers or beginning adults : try 60cm.
  • For experienced teenagers or adults : try from 80 to 100 cm and have fun !

Bevelling of the plywood

Take the 4 boards of 16cm x 10cm and cut in each a bevel of 6.5cm side : pencil, ruler, jigsaw and so on !

In hatched, the part to cut.

Keep on using the jigsaw on the 2 boards of 25x10cm with 4 bevels of 3cm x 1cm (see photo). They will be used later.

In hatched, the part to cut.

The end result should look like this:

Cut everywhere !

Now sand all angles to soften them and eliminate splinters.

Little hands are very helful.

Sandwich !

It’s not the break time yet but the time to play with the clamp.

Gather one leg and two 16x10cm boards as the above photo. The top of the leg and the non-beveled width of the board must be well aligned. Same for the non-beveled length and the cleat. Arrange the clamp as shown in the picture.

Tight firmly

With your drill and a 6-inch wood drill, pierce the three elements at once. The piercing must be well perpendicular to the leg and well centered.


Same thing to the right of the clamp (see photo).

Drill again


Don’t touch the clamp yet ! Take 2 TRCC bolts you hit as shown in the picture. The head will sink into the wood and get stuck.


On the other side, add a flat washer, a lock washer and the nut. Tighten strongly !

flat washer – lock washer – nut

You can now remove the clamp and admire your work.

First leg assembled

Do the same thing for the second leg. Remember to place the bolts symmetrically : the bolt heads toward the front of each stilt.

Then go to Step #3 Assembly of the calf support.

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