cale pied echasse

Step #4 Fixing the footrest

We will now install the foot support on the main structure you have just assembled.

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Find the 25x10cm boards you beveled earlier. Place one on the flat surface formed by the top of the stilt’s leg and the boards surrounding it. One side prop against the calf support.


You will now have to fix this board according to your foot’size. The top of your foot arch must be in the axis of the stilt’s leg. Example : for a 25cm footrest, the board should be placed at 14 or 15cm. The adjustment can be improved later when you will fix your shoe.


Once you are sure of it. Put three 5cm conical screws in the center of the foot support. Take care of the bolts that pass underneath and the empty space between the leg and the calf support.


Now screw the metal bracket at the heel from underneath the footrest with two flat head screws. It will prop the shoe’s heel at the back of the footrest.


Two alternatives to attach securely your feet to the footrests :

  • Fix your shoes on the footrest using two TRCC bolts and cover them with a good thick sole.
  • Use an old bicycle inner tube : ultra cheap solution but very efficient. Cut the tube in half, put our foot on the footrest, cross the tube above-below and make a knot. The tube is elastic enough to block your foot ans the knot.

Now do the same thing for the next stilt but BEWARE OF THE SYMMETRY !

Now go to Step #5 The stilt’s feet.

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